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Here you can find songs I have written, performed and recorded.

I have been writing and playing music all my life and my styles stretch from Motown and R&B, Rock, Pop, Soul, Funk, Country, Rockabilly, Jazz and Swing. I love to explore all kinds of music and I spend most of my time either in my studio or on location for live recording and production sound. 

Please feel free to download any of my music and add to you listening library. 

If you have a music project and need help with recording and producing please contact me. Whether it's recording a full band or a singer songwriter solo, I would love to make you music exceed your wildest dreams! I sing and play guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and arrange Strings and Horn Orchestration. So you don't need a hire a whole band of singers and musicians to record your music. Whatever sound you can imagine I can help you create. 

( All the songs that are available on this website were recorded by myself at my studio, Ranchland Sound, FL )

Thank you!

Brooks Reid



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"Ian's Dream" by Brooks Reid

"Stay Upbeat" by Brooks Reid

"Celebrate" by Brooks Reid from "Connect The Dots" Album ©1985

"Easy Street" by Brooks Reid